A premier social/emotional intervention tool is The Kimochis Educators Kit. This kit was created to assist mental health providers improve the social/emotional functioning of children in grades preschool – 8th grade.The Kimochis Company, with Dr. Pisano as lead author, have released the Kimochis Activity Kit for Military Families which will help families manage the stressors of deployment. This kit is also perfect for mental health providers to use in their work with military children and families. This kit includes Hero and his story book along with a work booklet and feelings pillows. I highly recommend the Kimochis Educators Kit and Military Kit as a social/emotional tool to be used by parents or mental health providers to help children communicate their emotions. More can be learned about Kimochis at www.kimochis.com

Kimochis - Hero is the Military Dog kids can relate to. Here is an introduction to Hero and his story book read by Dr. Pisano.

Kimochis - A Dream of Ending School Violence:

Teachers Use Kimochis in the Classroom

Parenting Your Kids with Kimochis

A Military Families Shirt drawn by a fourth grade student from the Ft. Bragg Schools. Military Kids Rock! on the back and on the front, the logo for the National Association of School Psychology and the Military Families Interest Group.