Learning Disabilities

  • A condition where a person is not achieving to their intellectual potential
  • IQ and achievement testing is required by the NC Department of Public Instruction (NCDPI) for a diagnosis
  • Testing for children (> 6 years) and adults
  • Children or adults with a diagnosis receive curriculum modifications in school or college

Processing Deficits

  • Testing will reveal how a person best learns
  • Any processing area significantly weaker than other areas provides the diagnosis
  • Areas measured include: verbal, visual, memory, processing speed, oral expression, and others

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder

  • Testing will determine any learning or processing difficulties
  • Diagnosis in children as young as 4 years
  • Checklists will be completed by teacher(s) and parents measuring activity and evaluating attention/focus

Intellectual Deficit

  • IQ, achievement and adaptive behavior testing will be conducted
  • All tests are required by the NCDPI for a diagnosis

Pre-School/Developmental Delay

  • Testing will measure intelligence and early reading/math skills
  • Checklists will be completed by parents/ teachers for behavior and adaptive scores
  • Developmental delays will be determined in the areas of social/emotional, adaptive behavior and intelligence

Early Kindergarten Entry

  • IQ and achievement testing is required by the NCDPI to measure early reading/math skills and intelligence
  • Visual motor integration skills will also be measured


  • Testing to determine eligibility for school placement into gifted & talented program
  • Profile of child's intellectual strengths will be provided


  • Intelligence testing to determine eligibility for membership into MENSA International